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Envision CMS takes construction to the cloud

CO:LAB’s new tenant has worked for other software companies for nearly 40 years. Now with his own venture, Ron Smith is building his vision in Pensacola’s community business incubator. His company, Envision Construction Management Software, helps contractors streamline and improve quotes, orders and invoicing and greatly improve time entry/management.

Envision is geared toward everyone from a small contractor who works out of his truck to companies with up to 100 employees.

Keen on growth, Smith says the plan is to graduate from CO:LAB within the year and to move into its own offices — all while scaling up the business.

“Honestly,  I had the choice to retire or do this,” he said. “I was fortunate enough that I could make it without doing this. But at the same time, I would’ve always wished I had done it.”

Smith says there is nothing like putting the knowledge he gained over the years, working with 500 contractors, to work helping people. “When you’re selling someone else’s product, you often you have to tell a customer ‘No, our product does not have that feature or functionality.’ It’s really refreshing to be able to tell a prospective customer,  “Hey, you’re talking to the author. You’re talking to the developer.”

Ron has built his business on a foundation of faith, family and freedom. “I do a lot of mission work, and work with orphans, “he said, “ So it translates into every area of your life… I do love helping people.”

Smith says that the support he gets from COLAB is what has made the most difference in his business. “Probably Casey and Pat are the two biggest advantages,” Ron says with a laugh, “I can’t say enough good about CO:LAB, Pat’s knowledge, Casey’s work ethic and the facilities here. It’s always friendly. It’s always upbeat.

Envision currently has 3 employees and plans to double that within the next year. According to Smith, there is no place better to reach those goals than CO:LAB. “We chose Downtown Pensacola because it is such an attractive place for people to work. We can do what we do anywhere, but we chose Pensacola.”

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CO:LAB’s Director Pat Rooney recently was a recent guest on “Real News with Rick Outzen” where he talked about the new and improved CO:LAB and just why CO:LAB entrepreneurs are a vital part of the Pensacola economy. He didn’t explain all the ducks, but maybe next time!  LISTEN HERE