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Jeff Phillips

Company Background
Recognizing that the hiring of accountants is costly, frustrating and risky, co-founder and CEO Jeff Phillips saw an opportunity to create a business that would provide a better and safer alternative. That concept became Accountingfly.

Founded in 2012, Accountingfly is the accounting profession’s recruitment platform. Accountingfly’s award winning software helps organize the recruiting process, makes faster hiring decisions, and helps companies build pools of talent for future recruitment. Firms of all types and sizes use Accountingfly to recruit for internships, entry-level and experienced positions. Additionally, job seekers, through the content generated by Accountingfly, can more easily connect with employers’ opportunities.

After only four years Accountingfly operates the largest network of CPA job seekers between college and 10 years of experience, and in 2014 – 2016, Jeff was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Accounting Today for his team’s work in revolutionizing the way accountants are hired.

Why Co:Lab?
Starting a business, especially one with a new concept, has its own special set of headaches and obstacles. Beyond doing everything necessary to turn a concept into an actual company there are the physical and logistical pieces that are distracting and expensive: office leases (with overwhelming rent), furniture, office equipment, phone lines, internet, amenities and utilities are just some of them.

Introduced to Co:Lab through an investor, Jeff realized that applying to and being accepted Co:Lab’s program would save his company time and money, and allow him to better focus on growing his business. Co:Lab’s subsidized rent is below market and the furnished spaces provide access to copier and fax machines, Wi-Fi, phone systems and conference rooms. For Jeff this was an easy decision. In fact, not having to worry about these things saved Jeff “tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of time and a lot of stress.”

Mentors, Idea Sharing and Networking.
“Co:Lab had a long vision of what it wanted to be and they put it together. The result is they helped companies like mine survive and grow. Not only were the staff and mentors invaluable the networking opportunities allowed me to meet and interact with potential investors, board members and city leaders. These are opportunities that might not have come my way had I not been part of the Co:Lab,” Jeff explained.

“It was also beneficial to walk down the hall and talk to other tenant companies, to pick their brains. We all grew together.”

The Results.
The Accountingfly team grew from 3 to 9 full-time staff and experienced significant growth while at Co:Lab. According to Jeff, “we’ve been able to build a national brand within our niche and keep the majority of our team intact right here in Pensacola.”

“As we near graduation and are preparing to move on we’re grateful to Co:Lab for the networking, support and programs it has offered our company and would do it all over again.”