Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS)
December 5, 2016

Bringing Disruptive Technologies to Consumers.

Bringing disruptive technologies to consumers.

Although at Co:Lab for only one year Sebastien Cotton and Colton Black, of Robotics Unlimited, would do it again.

Robotics Unlimited Inc. is a Pensacola startup dedicated to bringing disruptive technologies to the public, and for this company that means taking high-tech robotics from the research world and delivering the next generation of “the most awesome entertainment robots” right to the consumers’ door.

A one-stop shop made up of scientists, engineers and makers, Robotics Unlimited creates and builds toy robots that will ultimately retail between $50-$100. To accomplish this, they hope to develop a licensing agreement with a major multinational toy company.

Robotics experts with a love for toys, Sebastien and Colton wish they could have stayed at Co:Lab longer that that first year. Logistically though, they needed a space where they could build their hardware and serve as an office.

“Could we have survived without Co:Lab’s help?” asked Sebastian. “Yes, but it would have been more difficult getting through that first year. Everything from the low-cost rent to the office equipment and meeting rooms Co:Lab made it more convenient and easier for us.”

“Being around other entrepreneurs was great, and the staff and mentors at Co:Lab helped us network in Pensacola, introducing us to business leaders and investors that we never would have met on our own,” added Colton.